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Mariusz Biernat
ul. Jaśminowa 9, Bartąg
10-687 Olsztyn

About the company

System Manufacturing Company is a major and reputable manufacturer in the Polish market, specialising in the production of plastic elements and PVC post-production waste recycling.

The company’s office is registered in the province of Warmia and Mazury, Poland. Its origins date back to 2003, while the professional experience of its owners and many specialists is considerably longer.Our team consists of persons of various engineering, economic and technical specialisations. We operate all across Poland, which allows us to provide comprehensive services to our partners. We possess all necessary
PVC waste transport and recycling permits

The scope of our activity is the manufacturing of plastic elements, such as under-sill boarders, transport boards, spacer washers and PVC waste recycling. We convert PVC waste producedin window and door frame manufacturing plantsinto high quality and valued PVC milling.The milling recycled inthis way is a full value material which may be used in the manufacturing of window profiles and other products. The highest quality of our products is ensured by our modern machinery resources as well as our experienced and qualified personnel.

Our company’s assets include manufacturing halls, storage halls, office buildings and spacious yards.You are invited to visit the photogallery available on the website.

Our company’s activity is pro-ecological, consistent with theguidelines and principles of the developmental strategy for the region of Warmia and Mazury.

SYSTEM Manufacturing Company is a credible partner, which is always guided by the ethical principles of conduct in business relations. We possess a certificate ofthe Reliable Company (Rzetelna Firma) programme.

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